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Early days on the road

Doug in Morocco Festival Hall 1973 Melody Maker Jan 71 Sleaford 71 or 72 Muskett Man logo from Bradley's LP Original 3 Musketteers Rog in Morocco The Marquee 1973 The Taxman!

Decca Studios, the first album

Backing tracks Chris Doug Terry

Limefield, the third album

Any ideas? Bill Leader and friend John's seatPaul Burgess The crew

Reunion Gigs, 2010 to present

Aspinall Re-union May 2010Aspinall Arms 2010Aspinall re-unionBarge and Bottle, SleafordGordon Giltrap, Skegness 2010 IslingtonMuskett at Skegness Muskett with Jerry Donahue at New Forest 2014New Forest 2014Railway at GreenfieldRe-union gig Skegness 2010Terry and Friends