Our Music

Here is some of our music, from some early recordings to more recent live recordings.

Alternatively you can find our Playlist on Youtube.

Album Tracks

Silver Coin

From ‘Hunter Muskett’ Bradleys/ATV (1973) with John Bundrick synthesiser, Jim McCarty finger cymbals. Produced by Keith Relf


Leave It With Mine/Cairo/Fields of France/Sweet Believer

From 'Unafraid and Sober' SPC (2017) Produced by Spencer Cozens

Steel Guitar/Waiting for Sonny/Diamond Guita

From ‘That Was Then This Is Now’ (Limefield LFCD 018) Produced by John Ellis and Bill Leader.

River runs Dry

Video sent to us by Freddie of Freddo Productions, for which many thanks.

Available CDs

Hunter Muskett £10, P+P £1.50

Hunter Muskett

Unafraid and Sober £12, P+P £1.50

Unafraid and Sober

That was Then, This is Now £10, P+P £1.50

That was then this is now album cover

Live Tracks

Six Days on the Road

Hunter Muskett with Ray Jackson and Gerry Donahue at Butlins Big Folk Weekend 2012


Hunter Muskett at Butlins Big Folk Weekend 2012

That Was Then This Is Now

Live and unplugged at Islington Folk Club, September 2013

Santa Rosa

Written and sung by Terry Hiscock. Recorded during rehearsal in April 2012.

Once Bitten

Written and sung by Doug Morter. This version recorded during band rehearsal in April 2012.

Walk Away Renee

Classic Michael Brown/Sansone/Calilli song originally recorded by The Left Banke in 1966. Doug Morter takes lead vocals with a verse from Terry Hiscock. Chris George on backing vocal. Recorded during rehearsal, April 2012.

Diamond Guitar

St Edith Folk Club, November 2018